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City Museum Tonofenfabrik | Lahr, Germany

Lahr, Germany

The listed Tonofenfabrik, the old Clay Oven Factory, is situated in the historic centre of Lahr in Germany, close to the medieval castle ‘Storchenturm’ and the remains of the medieval town wall. The building is reinvented as a City Museum creating a destination for tourists and residents and connecting with the history and heritage of Lahr.


The design for the museum opens up the building at the street corner to create a welcoming entrance while expanding the entrance outwards into the urban plaza to create an important destination within the city. The Urban space is continued into the building with the ground floor is intended as a mixed-used space, which includes the foyer, museum shop and café and permanent exhibition space.

A final quadrant, a new stair, completes the L-shaped building and gives a natural flowing movement, a continuous experience, through the Museum. The new stair winds itself up along the west façade looping together the floors of the Museum. The stairwell with its red concrete provides a counterpoint and rest space to the bright exhibition spaces. The exhibition spaces have been created by transforming the existing factory spaces into modern exhibition spaces, while retaining many of the existing features and character of the old factory.

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Stadt Lahr


Completedn 2017





heneghan peng architects with assistance from Justies Rünzi Architekten

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