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One Pulse Memorial

One Pulse

The nightclub remains.

Inside is silence.

Together, we engage with this silence to realize our

It is through
collectively facing this silence that the energy of PULSE emerges.

Canadian Canoe Museum | Ontario

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

The Canadian Canoe Museum houses the world’s largest collection of canoes and kayaks on a site adjacent to the historic Peterborough Lift Lock on the Trent Severn Waterway. Maximising the opportunity of a Canoe Museum along the waterway, the Museum is horizontal, its workshops, and public spaces, creating vistas to the Lock and up and down the Canal.

National Centre for Contemporary Arts | Moscow

Moscow, Russia

The National Centre for Contemporary Arts is designed as a vertical Museum at the centre of Khodynskoe Pole, a former airfield in Moscow. The verticality and profile of the cantilevered galleries gives the Museum a presence in the skyline allowing the museum to rise above the vast horizontal bulk of the adjacent Aviapark shopping centre.

Palestinian Museum | Bir Zeit

Birzeit, West Bank, Palestine

The landscape of the Palestine has the ‘worked’ quality of a city; every element of it has been touched and tells a story of intervention, production, culture, environment and commerce. Like a city, the terraced landscape has embedded within it its history. The approach to the Palestinian Museum is to draw on this history of the terraced landscape, embedding the museum into its immediate site and drawing from this site to tell a larger story of a diverse culture.

Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Headquarters | Dublin

The location of the site at the juncture of the Phoenix Park and the City is the critical generating moment for this project. In this project Nature-Park/Civilization-City is thought of as a fluid boundary. The distinction between park and building is blurred- the park continues onto the building - the building slides into the park.

Munch Museum & Stenersen Collections | Oslo

Oslo, Norway

The Museum is developed as a series of islands that extends from the land; rather than considering the Munch | Stenersen Museum as a waterside building that overlooks the Oslofjord, the Museum becomes a micro-cosm of the jagged Norwegian coastline.

Victoria & Albert Museum: Exhibition Road Galleries Design Study | London

London, UK

Invited to present concept designs for a hypothetical redevelopment of the V&A Boilerhouse Yard. The designs, comprising architectural models and plans are asked to respond to a brief to create temporary exhibition space below ground and a courtyard at street level off Exhibition Road.

London Olympics 2012: Diamond Bridge | Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

London 2012 Olympic Park, UK

Two permanent bridges are linked by a narrow diagonal span over Carpenters Lock at the centre of the Olympic Park. During the Olympics a central temporary infill between the bridges accommodates the crowds. In the legacy park, two bowls are created on either side of the lock linking the upper park concourse with the lower level of towpaths and waterways.

Mittelrheinbrücke |  Sankt Goar Sankt – Goarshausen, Germany

Sankt Goar, Germany

The Mittelrheinbruecke is located in the World heritage site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The design takes a simple approach, create a structure as low, as horizontal and as thin as possible in order to minimise the visual impact.

Metro West Bridge | Dublin

Liffey Valley, Dublin, Ireland

One should not only be interested in the design of bridges; they should be concerned with how to get to the other side. — Cedric Price


Los Angeles, United States

“Bigfoot” was a 1997 ideas competition to design a football stadium at Santa Monica State beach in order to entice football teams back to LA which has been deserted by two football teams over the previous two years.

We proposed a floating football stadium – a ship – which bypasses the problems of siting the stadium and addresses the increasing mobility of football teams, if the team is sold the football stadium can go with them.


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