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AirBnB Temporary Office | Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Our Brief: Design a 1 year 100 person office for a dynamic company whose business is hospitality, complete the 1000sqm fit-out in 10 weeks.

Located in a long ground floor space with a shopfront corner entrance and a “dark spot” at the other end of the space, two focal points are made; at the entrance is a bustling hospitality bar/reception visible to passers-by, at the other end a “hill” rises to make a gathering place that looks back over the office. The “hill’ is paradoxically both an auditorium with walls for office meetings and a quiet space in which to work at other times.

The response to the brief works with the transience of the occupation, the space is treated as a stage set to facilitate various configurations of work as the client’s working evolves. Meeting pods are conceived of as packing crates with plywood exteriors that are sliced open to reveal a glimpse into the warmth and individuality of the Clients services. Ceilings are stripped out to expose services and maximise the available height. The 10 week fitout was completed on schedule.

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