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Ikareum: Lilienthal Flight Museum | Anklam, Germany

Anklam, Germany

The Nikolai church, under monument protection and a built example of the regions brick gothic era is one essential part of the urban edge of the market square. Recovering the beautifully twisted steeple in its original height of 103m is of central importance to the rehabilitation of the town silhouette before its damage in the Second World War.

Churches contain stories of centuries in their built fabric and are an integral part of our cultural heritage. Protecting these monuments and their contemporary refurbishment & extension does not necessarily contradict, but can rather complement one another profitably. The design of the Lilienthal Flight Museum in the Nikolai church takes up this exciting dialogue and makes it tangible. The two aisles form curatorial counter poles - the one to the north remains untouched reflecting on its history in the original form and material; the southern aisle is modelled by new galleries, stairs and platforms that transform the space into exhibition areas. The centre nave acts as an experimental void connecting the two - it is used to experience the ascent and hovering of the exhibits. The tower and its twisted ‘helmet’ play an important part of the overall museum experience. They house winding stairs with viewing platforms offering amazing sights across the landscape from one of the highest points of this region.

The museum has been listed in the ‘Blue book’ of Museums of federal importance. The role of Otto Lilienthal in his importance for the development of flying in the context of the contemporary developments in science, economy and society of his time is to be comprehensively presented in his hometown and creates a new identity and landmark for the touristic landscape of the region. A new extension wing to the side of the church houses the Information and Tourist Centre and provides the exhibition area within the church with the required infrastructure and support spaces, ticketing areas, event and multifunction spaces.

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Stadt Anklam


Competition 2016


Concept Design

Size, RITZ (Regionales Informations- und Touristik Zentrum)


Size, Kirche



Exhibition Design

Beier + Wellach



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