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Arabsat Headquarters | Riyadh

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Arabsat headquarters is located within Riyadhʼs diplomatic quarter, an area regulated by strict urban design guidelines. The building reaches out to hold the siteʼs three primary corners, 3 points defined by the guidelines and then curves inwards to make gardens sheltered by the building.

At the heart of the new headquarters for Arabsat is an interior garden. This continuous interior garden is shaped by the three exterior lattice walls reflected inside to shape this interior world. Bridges between different departments cross over at multiple levels, at times widening to become informal meeting spaces. The arrays of trajectories that organize these connections extend outwards to the outer perimeters of the site shaping the different gardens.

The façade pattern is composed of deep precast concrete lattice panels that control solar penetration and glare. The precast panels give added mass to the building whilst the pattern gives the Arabsat headquarters a special identity.

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Arabsat, Arriyadh Development Authority




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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



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